Making Your Website Design a Success

If you’ve decided to pursue a website for your business, chances are you’re a little intimidated with the whole ordeal of getting from a blank page to a fully functional web page.

Here are a few tips to make the process of finding a website designer, building the site, and optimizing the finished product easier.

Find a reputable designer: After shopping for prices at your local website design firms, you may find that the best option will be to go with the cheapest. But before you hand the reigns to a relative or a friend, make sure you’ve done your homework.

Browse their portfolio, and study the work they’ve done. Do the websites they’ve developed show up when you search them on Google? Are the designs professional, clean, and effective? Most importantly, would you be confident with your company logo on some of the projects they’ve completed?

Remember, a poorly designed, poorly optimized website may do more harm than good. To ensure new and existing clients are confident in your business, make the investment of time and money the first time around.

Have a purpose: When you have chosen a website designer, make sure they know exactly what you want. If you’re looking to sell online, be ready to present them with an inventory list. Spend time on keyword research to ensure that your website will appear on the most searched phrases for your product. Go over layout, presentation, and everything that makes up an effective site.

HTML or Flash: Depending on the designer, they may offer you the ability to develop a Flash-driven website. Flash is the web’s version of an animated movie, with intense graphics, colorful pages, and music. While it may sound great, there are a few things to consider.

Music, animation and everything that comes with it are great for an action movie, but for those looking for information fast, Flash can often be an annoyance. Slow load times, complex designs and a repetitive jingle may send your visitors to another client – that is, if they were able to find you in the first place.

Flash based websites are often extremely weak performers on search engines, leaving your fun, exciting website a ghost town.

Stick with HTML – or it’s growing new cousin HTML5 – and leave your visitors feeling confident.

Now What?: After launching your website, you might think the work has been done when in reality, it has only just begun. Now is the time to begin driving traffic to your beautiful new online home.

Ask your website design firm if they offer search engine optimization services, and if they don’t, have them point you in the direction of someone who does. While some be campaigns can be quite expensive, expect to budget about $750-$1000 for an effective SEO project.

For businesses operating locally, stick to local search terms. For a carpet cleaning company in New York, spending thousands of dollars to appear on the first page of a broad search like “carpet cleaning company” is likely a wasted investment. Instead, stick to something specific, like “carpet cleaning company new york.”

Be On Your Toes: While this article will have you on the path to a successful online experience, it’s important to remember that you should never consider your website a finished product. Keep in close contact with your website design firm, and keep up with the latest trends and strategies.

Basic Tips to Kick Start Your Website

To put it briefly, say you want create a website for your business; it can be books, clothing, retail, wholesale, services providers etc. Before start to design the website, just think of some facts like, “Who may I going to compete with?” The answer is the names of some biggies, it is not that easy to compete with the business dons but you can gain your own customers by developing the website in a better way.

So here are some wonderful and useful ideas to get your web site development in the right focus:

Create a website design which draws visitors and convert them as customers. Since the website is new, you can’t be the top in stipulations of traffic and pricing, you need to come up slowly but steadily at your business. For every visitor, you must prove yourself and give them a reason to stick in your site and make them visit regularly for more. Free stuff works like a charm. But make sure it is quality free stuff or you’re missing the point.

Website development is not that easy, you have to do some homework and research specifics to make your site appeal. Be the one that provides CDE widgets to pull in the visitors. Be the best source, so that the visitors can only get them from you then it is very easy to increase the number of visitors in a very short span of time. Narrower your website focus, and use mostly searched keywords in your tags and it is a better way to be successful online.

Selection of keywords is the most important factor in web site development. Pick the right keywords by which your site can fetch the visitors. Develop the prettiest, best, and good keywords while designing your website. The main reason for developing website is to bring popularity. So do some homework first, about the design, keywords, your competitors and all possible aspects. Then come to the task of developing the website.

Website is the best way to showcase about your business to the world so be very careful in developing the site. Most important thing is make sure that your website is user-friendly. If the visitors have problem with navigating your site, then it is of no use. Create a website which has very smooth navigation and also must easy for the search engine robots to read your site. Place your most important information is the right place as you know that search bots ” crawl” read your site from left to right and top to bottom. So position Keyword phrases, headers, sub-headers and bold text in those place.

Finally it is about budget. Plan everything before and think budget before you pour your ideas to design the website. Try to avoid all flash advertisements, banner advertisements and avoid audio too, these factors really eat up more money. Anyway customers won’t like all these disturbances coming in between the visit. So design a good and informative website which fits within your budget.

Website Tips For Generating Income From The Internet

If you are doing business on the internet your website is foundation of your business. It is very important for you to understand various ways to set up your website and drive traffic to it. Also designing your website correctly will help you to maximize your conversion rate.

Here are a few tips for designing your website.

Opt-In Form: Having an opt-in form on your website so that people can subscribe to your newsletter is one of the best ways to increase your value per visitor. The reason being is that once you capture your traffic’s e-mail you can use it to build a relationship with your subscriber which is one of the most important components of converting traffic into sales.

If people know you and like you they will buy from you. It is that simple. By just allowing traffic to come to your site and then leave, you will never be able to build a relationship. When you have a subscriber’s e-mail address you can build a long lasting relationship with the subscriber which will allow you to harness the true power of converting your website traffic into sales.

Blog Marketing: No matter if you are selling physical products, services, or information products blog marketing should be a key component of generating income from your website. If you have an ecommerce website selling products you can simply develop a blog in a subdirectory of your website and use this as a marketing funnel to sell your products.

For instance, your blog would be located at <a target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow” href=””></a>. On the blog you would post reviews, tips and other related information about your products. These blog postings would then funnel into your ecommerce store to sell your products.

There are substantial advantages to blog marketing. You can profit immensely by driving traffic to your website by using some of the web 2.0 features of blogs and also by getting links in the many thousand blog directories on the Internet.

Also allowing users to comment on your blog posting can be another way to build a relationship with your users which will lead to more sales in the future.

Lastly, as part of your blog marketing strategy do not forget to have an opt-in form so you can capture e-mail address on the blog as well.

Organic Search Engine Optimization: Improved search engine rank in the organic search engine result can have a dramatic impact on your websites traffic and income you generate from the Internet.
Designing your website with this in mind will help you generate income well into the future. Here are some tips:

1. Title Tags: On each page of your website it is critical the title tags mentions the keyword you are trying to target at least once. It is preferable if the keywords are earlier than later in the tag. But do not just put keywords in the title tag. You need to make the title tag catchy because this is what shows up in the search results. If it is not catchy then nobody will click on it. Do not make your title tag to long you keep it to 60 characters or less.

2. Meta Description: The meta description should be approached similar the title tag. Make sure the keywords you are targeting are in the meta description and that you make it catchy. It can be a little longer than the title tag but try to keep it less than 200 characters.

3. Website Copy: In your website copy make you sales copy with keywords in mind. Have an header tag with the page keyword in it and also look for related keywords that are semantically related. For instance, a related keyword to income is profit so I would use both of these keywords in my sales copy if I am selling a book on how to generate income on the internet.

4. Links: Get lots of relevant links to your site from other high quality websites in your niche. These links will help your website rank in the search engines. Be sure to include your keywords in your links and put a good length description around your link. Links to your website embedded in content seem to count more so this is a good focus as well.

Following these website tips will get your website generating income from the internet at a rapid pace!

Corporate Website Development Marketing Tips

Corporate website development is much more than just creating your website and putting it online. When developing your site you must consider marketing as a foundation to the development of your online presence. Businesses who fail to approach development from a marketing mind often find themselves dissatisfied with results of their site.

Corporate Marketing Tips

These are a few things to consider when developing your site that you want to make sure you communicate with your developer. Remember, often times people who develop or build websites are good at the technical aspect of the process but have minimal knowledge as to the successful marketing implementation.

  • Prominent and focused call to action – this is the process of leading your visitor down a path that is predefined by you. Most websites fail to guide the visitor down a specific path, which results in a site that does not perform as it should. An example of this could be a video that invites the visitor to put in their information to receive something of value. Additionally, it could be as simple as direct verticals that is has clear navigation and specific action.
  • Social media integration – the online world has drastically changed with social media being a driving force effecting the way we communicate and validate as a culture. This corporate website development marketing tip is critical if you want to engage your visitor. Social media integration can drastically increase your marketing results as other people share and approve of your content.
  • Blog Integration – this is a must for any new corporate development. This concept is foreign to most businesses as they don’t understand the value in having a blog integrated on their corporate site. There are many reasons why a blog should be included. A few main reasons include, adding value to the visitor, giving people a reason to come back to your site, creating relevance in the search engine and increasing website authority.
  • Niche Keyword Research – this is a major downfall of most online development companies. They are able to make a nice looking site, however, they fail to understand the importance of developing the corporate website around the keyword research. Think of keyword research as the foundation, just as if you were to build a sky scraper, the strength of that structure begins with laying the proper foundation.

These are just a few of the important marketing tips to consider when developing your corporate website. Focusing on these will position your site ahead of those in your market who don’t understand successful online asset development.