Tips on Transitioning to a New Web Design Company

A transition from one website design company to another can be a tricky situation. The original vendor often views the new vendor as a competitor. Some web design firms have been known to be unwilling to release information and provide access to what they view as intellectual property as well as other proprietary resources. By not willingly sharing the information they make it difficult for a company to take their website somewhere else.

A company or organization should not stay with a website design company that they are not satisfied with; after all you want to have the best websites for your organization. However, a transition to a new web design company should not be taken lightly; it takes a good amount of planning and preparation for a smooth and successful transition.

Consider the following tips when transitioning to a new web design company:

First ask yourself why you feel the need for a change. Is there a way to re-work a new contract with the current design firm so that you can avoid the move?

Timing is important. You don’t want to change website designs or companies in the middle of a big product launch.

Read the fine print and legal documents of the contract with your current web design company. There are sometimes penalties for termination. Some contracts don’t have any specifics about responsibilities during a transition and other contracts are very specific about what information will and will not be shared.

Compile all of the hosting details, site statistics, and technical specifications for your website. Most likely you will need to gather this information from the original website design company. Putting the request in writing will help to speed the process.

Use the site statistics report to show other website design companies bidding on your redesign. It will allow them to develop a plan around current site traffic patterns, target market interests, and develop a search engine marketing strategy.

Search for a design firm that creates website design with SEO in mind.

When you have done your research narrow your web design firm options down to three choices. Provide each company with as much information as you can and allow them to bid on the redesign. Ask that they include the following details: Budget, Time-frame of completion, Redesign strategy outline, Search Engine Optimization incorporation, and Other web design details such as form pages, Facebook pages, lead generation, etc.

Once you have received bids and proposals review each one carefully. Evaluate the proposals based on their comprehensiveness and look for a company who will exceed your expectations.